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• Why the DVR can not boot up normally?

*The power supply is not correct. *Switch power supply line is not in good connection...

• Why does the DVR reboots automatically or stops working after booting up a few minutes?

*The input voltage is not stable or too low. *The hard disk is damaged or the hard disk cables are broken...

• Why the DVR system can't detect hard disk?

*The hard disk power supply line is not connected. *The cables of the hard disk are damaged...

• Why does the DVR seem unresponsive when operating with the IR remote control?

*The remote control address is not correct...

• Why does the PTZ seem unresponsive?

*There is something wrong with the frontal PTZ. *The setting, connection or the installation of the PTZ decoder is not correct.

• Why is there no output of single channel, multi channel or all channel video?

*Check the adaptor of camera whether to see if it is well-connected. *Check the cable for connecting video input/output in the back panel of DVR...

• Why is DVR having problem with real-time images, such as bad image color or serious brightness distortion?

*Check the brightness of the picture and bring it back to its original default setting. *DVR is not compatible with monitor...

• Why is there no Recording icons on preview?

*Make sure that HDD is formatted. *Check the power and data connection cables of the HDD...

• Why is there no audio in preview channel?

*Check to make sure the audio is enabled in the surveillance window. *Check sound box or speaker functions. Also check possible short circuit...

• Why is System time wrong on preview?

*Wrong setting. *Battery on the mainboard is not connected properly...

• Why can't the DVR list the video files in local playback mode?

*The data line of the hard disk is damaged. *The hard disk is damaged...

• Why is the local video not clear when playback?

*The image quality is too bad. *The reading program is wrong. Reboot up the DVR...

• Whty is there audio signal in the surveillance window but no audio signal in the playback state?

*Setting issues: the audio option is not chosen in Recording Settings.

• Why can not I have access to the DVR on IE?

*Check that the LAN cable is well-connected...

• Why can not I login the DVR on IE?

*Check that the USER NAME and PASSWORD are correct...
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