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• Why can not I have access to the DVR on IE?

• Why can not I have access to the DVR on IE?


*Check that the LAN cable is well-connected.
*If you selected NETWORK ACCESS as STATIC, check that you have changed the IP, DEFAULT GATEWAY, PREFERRED DNS SERVER AND ALTERNATE DNS SERVER in your DVR according to your router.  
*Check that you have forwarded both the SERVER PORT and HTTP PORT in your router, under which your DVR is connected. If your router supports UPNP, please enable UPNP both in the router and DVR. Then, please check the list under UPNP whether the two ports have been forwarded autiomatically.
*Check to make sure that you have added the DVR IP or DOMAIN NAME into trusted websites and make the default LEVEL for it as LOW. (The details is in the INSTRUCTIONS FOR IE ACCESS).
*Check that you have the right IP address for DVR. If the HTTP PORT is not 80, but 901 for example, please add the HTTP PORT 901 after the IP address. For example, IP address is, Port is 901, then please use to login the DVR. The same with the domain name.
*Check the LAN connector on DVR is in good condition.