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Features of web high-definition camera?

Features of web high-definition camera?

1. MPEG-4 encoding standard: video adopts standard MPEG4 encoding and decoding, supports MPEG4 and CIF encoding formats; supports PAL/NTSC video output.

2. Support DHCP: Users can use DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) to establish the working environment of IPCAM. DHCP is a protocol that obtains various parameters necessary for customers to operate in the IP network through network equipment. By using this protocol, system management can work. The amount is greatly reduced, and the device is automatically added to the network with a relatively small IP address.

3. Network function: support a complete TCP/IP protocol cluster, built-in WEB server, and support browser access.

4. PTZ control function: electronic pan-tilt function, supporting many encoding and decoding protocols.

5. Alarm function: 1 alarm input, 1 alarm output.

6. Motion detection: Multi-directional motion detection within the visible range, with functions such as occlusion alarm and alarm linkage output.

7. User management: multi-level user authority management mode. Senior administrators can create 15 operators, each operator’s authority can be set, system security is better.

8. Image storage: The video is stored in standard MPEG4 format, supports third-party players to play files; network storage, supports FTP, SMTP alarm information remote upload, supports local storage and SD card storage.

9. Mobile phone remote monitoring: WIFI, 3D high-definition network cameras can perform mobile phone remote video monitoring through wireless signals, and grasp the information of the monitored person anytime, anywhere.

High-definition is the trend of the times. In this high-definition era, the high-definition technology of network high-definition cameras determines its development direction. In the high-definition era, the technical advantages of network high-definition cameras are as follows:

Networking, allowing multiple people to surf the Internet at the same time, and monitoring is not restricted by time or place

Voice and video are digitized, with clear picture quality and high compression ratio, which has far surpassed the picture quality of traditional CCTV photography. Powerful monitoring function, and can integrate identification, search, tracking and other technologies

Video file management and storage are easy, and can be backed up at the same time in different places

Easy to install and can be placed anywhere (wireless network transmission or PoE power supply) The network infrastructure is mature, no additional wiring costs are required, and costs are greatly reduced

Simple operation, high expansion and integration

The system is stable, easy to update and upgrade

Widely used in people’s livelihood, commercial and research purposes, combined with 3G mobile phones, simple construction of mobile remote monitoring system can support HDT V widescreen output mode (16:9); coverage is wider, the same monitoring area can replace the original multiple fixed Point camera and an omnidirectional camera.

Post time: May-14-2021