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What are the advantages of network HD cameras and analog cameras?

What are the advantages of network HD cameras and analog cameras?

The current security monitoring is now in the direction of intelligence. Not only the image is clear, but also there are more security functions. Compared with the traditional camera, the current video monitoring is not only a single function such as saving the monitoring picture. More functionality and convenience are also features of the network high-definition camera. Compared with imitating cameras, what are the advantages of network high-definition cameras?

1 pixel higher

The video clarity that imitates the camera is expressed by the line (TVL). Generally, the clarity of 600TVL is already very good, but compared with the web camera, it is still a lot worse. Nowadays, device monitoring usually uses images to express the clarity, and we can also understand it as a high-definition effect.

2 The image is clearer

Video pictures are composed of small color blocks. The more color blocks that make up the video, the clearer the video. Therefore, the higher the resolution of the network HD camera, the higher the clarity of the video we see. For example, the clarity of 960P video is clearer than that of 720P, and the clarity of 1080P network high-definition camera is even higher.
3 The transmission method is more flexible

With the rapid development of the Internet, the security surveillance industry has also kept up with the age of the Internet. Although the imitation camera can complete wireless signal transmission through some methods, it has not been popularized due to the instability of the transmission signal, and the network high-definition camera can make good use of WiFi, 4G and other signals to transmit video pictures. In some special environments , The use of wireless transmission signal can also be very stable.

4 Remote viewing is more convenient

It is very troublesome for traditional imitating signal cameras to complete remote viewing, except that individual brands have their own dedicated servers. If you want to watch videos long-distance, you need to do ip address port mapping on the router, and then register the user name and password in the channel, and finally It is only possible to visit a specific address. Some also use third-party ip tools to do domain name resolution.

The long-distance network high-definition camera is very simple, since it can rely on the network to transmit signals, then only need to install the video APP software on the mobile phone, open the video software to watch real-time surveillance video, just like we usually open WeChat.

Post time: May-14-2021